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Drape Tester  【Preparing for model change】


DRP-100, DRP-200

Reference standard

JIS L 1096;JIS L 1018 standards

Use/Good point

This apparatus can automatically obtain the vertical projection area of woven fabric formed by dead weight sagging, then calculate the ratio to total area through internal calculus, finally work out the drape coefficient.
The printer attached can draw the original inch of projection drawing whose proportion is 1/3, and then it’s extremely convenient to appraisal the drape, according to the complex lines and the fold quantity.
﹡The digital filter processor can correspond the non-uniform materials.
﹡The sensibility adjustment may correspond the high transparency products.
﹡Inner automatic correction make the normal machine management simple.
﹡The monitor picture employs the LCD to indicate of 68×27mm (20 ×4 lines).
﹡The standard layout has the disposition of computer output medium(RS232C).
﹡The printer can draw the vertical projection, the drape coefficient and average on the chart paper with width 112mm.


﹡Printer 1set
﹡Chart paper 3pcs.
﹡automatic correction basal disc 2pc.


Specimen dimensionΦ254mmΦ254~360mm
Table dimensionΦ127㎜Φ127mm,180mm
AdjustmentPerpendicular+whirling motionPerpendicular+whirling motion
Whirling speed1/3rpm approx.1/3rpm approx.
Scanning motorImpulse motorImpulse motor
DetectorAnalog optical fiber proof-testerAnalog optical fiber proof-tester
Area computationIntegral method (digital filter processor)Integral method (digital filter processor)
Printer drawing1/3 original inch1/4 original inch
Indication of test resultsDrape coefficient and averageDrape coefficient and average
DimensionsW525×D324×H480㎜ approx.W640×D430×H510mm approx.
Weight30kg approx.30kg approx.
Power sourceAC100V 50/60HzAC100V 50/60Hz