PRODUCTSColor Fastness

Crock Meter [C-1(manual), C-1D(motor driven)]
Reference standard: JIS L 0849
ISO 105-X12
GB/T 3920/1997
AATCC 8/2005
This apparatus is a tester for determining the colour fast-
ness to rubbing.
A rubbing finger is a circular rubbing surface measuring
16mm in diameter.
There are 2 models, the type to which rubbing finger is
made to go and come back mnually, and the type by motor
Nitrogen Oxides Colour Fastness Tester [DKS-2]
Reference standard: JIS L 0855
ISO 105-G01
GB/T 11039.1-2005
This tester is a apparatus for determining the resistance
of the colour of textiles of all kinds and in all forms to the
action of nitrogen oxides produced during combustion of
gas, coal, oil,etc., and when air is passed over heated
Leather Iron Rubbing Tester [HLD-150]
Reference standard:
Launder Meter [L-8Z, L-8Z-T, L-12Z, L-12Z-T, L-16Z, L-16Z-T, L-20Z, L-20Z-T]
Reference standard: JIS L 0844
ISO 105
AATCC 61-2006
GB/T 3921(1~5)
This apparatus is used mainly to estimate the colour fastness of dyed fabrics against washing.
A specimen of the textile in contact with specified adjacent fabric is laundered, rinsed and dried. Specimens are laundered under appropriate onditions of temperature, bleachig and abrasive actiion such that the result is obtained in a short time. The abrasive action is ac-
complished by the use of a low liquid ratio and an ap-
propriate number of steel bals.The change in colour of the specimen and the staining of the adjacent fabric of fabrics are assessed by comparion with the grey scale.
Rubbing Color Fastness Tester for Leather [PA-2Ba]
Reference standard:
Perspiration Tester [PW-20]
Reference standard: JIS L 0848、JIS L 0854
ISO 105-E04
AATCC 15、106、107
GB/T 3922
This test is used to determine the fastness of oolored
textiles, to the effects of acid perspiration. It is applicable to dyed, printed or otherwise colored textile fibers, yarns and fbrics of all kinds and to the testing of dystuffs as applied to textiles.
Rubbing Tester For Colour Fastness [RT-300 ]
Reference standard: JIS L 0849 standards
This apparatus is the most commonly used type for deter-
mining the color fastness to rubbing in Japan. It employs the Ⅱtype of JIS L-0849.
The surface of the test dyed cloth set on to the curved test
surface of thid device and that of the white cloth fixed on to the rubbing finger are rubbed together.
Scorch-Iron Tester [TSI-100A]
Reference standard: JIS L 0850、JIS L 0879
ISO 105-X11、ISO 105-P01
GB/T 6152、GB/T 5718
This tester is used to dtermine the potential damage caused by retained chlorine. In addition to this testing, it is adapted also for determining the resistance of the colour
of textiles of all kinds and in all forms to the action of dry heat.
Heating device, consisting of a pair of smooth parallel
plates, equipped with an accurately controllable electrical
heating system and giving a pressure on the specimen of
4 kPa±1 kPa.