PRODUCTSFriction, Abrasion Intensity

Accelerotor Type Abrasion Tester [ACR-2C]
Reference standard: JIS L 1096 Method-D, L 1076 Method-E;
AATCC 93-2005
This tester is used to evaluate the resistance of fabricks ,
nonwoven cloth, car sheet and other flexible materials to
A fabric specimen is driven by an impeller (roto) along a
zigzag course in a generally circular orbit within a cylin-
drical chamber, so that it repeatedly impinges on the walls and abradant liner of the chamber while at the
same time being continually subjected to extremely rapid, high velocity impacts.
Universal Textile Abrasion Tester [CAT-125A]
Reference standard: JIS L-1096、ASTM D3885、D3886、
Accurate data of abrasion test of various materials, such as woven and knitted textiles, carpet, hosiery, felt paper, leather cloth, sheet and film, shall be obtained. By combining respective attachments, three types of test, of flat surface abrasion, bending abrasion and edge abrasion, may be executed.
Taber Type Abrasion Tester [DTB-500]
Reference standard: JIS L 1096, K 6902, K 7204, K 7331
ASTM D3884-01
ISO 5470-1
This tester is used for the determination the wear resis-
tance of all kinds of structures including metals, paints,
coated materials, textiles,leather,plastics and rubber.
Evaluation is made on the basis of weight loss or thick-
ness loss of the specimen or tensile strength loss of the
specimen after subjected to the specified turns of ab-
Leather Iron Rubbing Tester [HLD-150]
Reference standard:
Plane Abrasion Tester [PA-2A]
Reference standard:
This apparatus is used for the evalution test of the surface
wear intensity of textile or nonwoven fabric and for the
friction duability on a film, a printing surface paintwork, and
the surface of material by which coating processing was
carried out.
Many are used for the wear strength examination of auto-
mobile sheet outer skin material.
Rubbing Color Fastness Tester for Leather [PA-2Ba]
Reference standard:
Plane Abrasion Tester [PA-300A]
Reference standard:
This machine is equipment used for evaluation of the re-sistance over friction of various materials, such as a fiber,
a leather, and film.
Although the trial purpose is the same as form “type PA-2A”, friction distance and friction speed are changeable.
Plane Abrasion Tester (4 Arm-type) [PAS-400]
Reference standard:
Textiles, a nonwoven fabric , a film and the durability over
fricion of paint work are evaluated. This apparatus is a type
which the table that the specemens are attached moves
reciprocating unlike “Type PA-300A”.
It is 4-arms type and many specimens can be once pro-cessed by measurement, in a product inspection section,
it is a convenient model.
Pin-On-Disk Abrasion Tester [RD-100M]
Reference standard: JIS K-7218 (Testing Methods for Sliding Wear Resistance
of Plasics)
This tester is equipment applicable to the B method of he
slide wear test method (JIS Kー7218) of a plastic, and is
mainly used for evaluation of the slide wear characteristics
of a plasic material.
Gakushin-Type Rubbing Tester [RT-300]
Reference standard: JIS L-0849、L-1084、P-8136
This tester is the most commonly used type for deter-mining the color fastness to rubbing with textile industry
in japan.
By exchanging the optonal accessories, it can also be examined the durability over friction of a film or paintwork.
Surface Abrasion Tester [RT-300F(低荷重タイプ), RT-400F(高荷重タイプ)]
Reference standard:
This pparatus is a evaluation testing machine for the ab-
rasion resistance of resin coatings or paint films.Place sheeted test specimen on the test plate , and then make
rubbing fingers abrade over the specimens to evaluate the abrasion resistance from the surface abrasion con-dition.
There are arm level adjusters with the scale on the lateral
arm stands, which allows the friction heads to contact the test specimen evenly and flatly, for different thickness of test samples.
Uniform Abrasion Tester [SAT-310A]
Reference standard: JIS JIS L-1096
ASTM D-4158
This apparatus is suitable for measuring the degree of wear strong of an extended sample like a knitting fabric.
It is suitable for evaluation the abrasion strength mainly in
the elbow, knee and inner side of the thigh of knitting fabric.
The tester consists of an abrading, specimen supporting
and driving mechanism. The surface of the abradant lies in a plane parallel to the surface supporing he specimen
and presses upon the specimen. The abradant and specimen rotate in the same direction at very nealy but not
quite the same angular velocity.
Sliding Block Tester [SBT-600]
Reference standard: ISO-13427
GB/T 17636
This tester is used to determine the resistance of geo-
textiles to abrasion using a sliding block. After abrasion
the loss in tensile properties is determined. The testing
method is applicable to woven and nonwoven geotextiles
and geotextile-related products.
Yarn-on-Yarn Abrasion Resistance Tester [SDI-510]
Reference standard: ASTM-6611
Plane Abrasion Tester [T-type]
Reference standard: