PRODUCTSCar-Seat Epidermis Material Examination

Frazir Type Air Permeability Tester [AP-360S(Air cylinder clamp), AP-360SM(Hand lever clamp)]
Reference standard: JIS L 1096 ;ASTM D737 ;DIN 53887 ;BS 5636
Amsler type Seam Damage Tester [ATD-200L, STD-400]
Reference standard: JASO M403;GMW3405 standards
Automatic Cantilever Softness Tester [CAN-1MCC]
Reference standard: JIS L-1096、L-1912、L-1913
ISO 9073-7
ASTM D 5732
GB/T 18318-01
This tester can measure stiffness properties of textile fabrics and nonwoven fabrics by employing the principle of cantilever bending of the fabric its own weight.
Taber Type Abrasion Tester [DTB-500]
Reference standard: JIS L 1096, K 6902, K 7204, K 7331
ASTM D3884-01
ISO 5470-1
This tester is used for the determination the wear resis-
tance of all kinds of structures including metals, paints,
coated materials, textiles,leather,plastics and rubber.
Evaluation is made on the basis of weight loss or thick-
ness loss of the specimen or tensile strength loss of the
specimen after subjected to the specified turns of ab-
Flammability MVSS Test Instrument [MFT-D]
Reference standard: JIS D 1201 ;JASO M403 ;ISO 3795 ;ASTM D5132 ;FMVSS 302; FZ/T 0102-93 standards
Mullen Type Bursting Strength Tester [ML-711(容量:4500KPa), ML-721(容量:2000KPa)]
Reference standard: JIS L-1096、L-1018;ISO 13938-1、2758、2759、3303;
ASTM 3786;GB 7742 standards
NK-type Pilling Tester [NK-100]
Reference standard:
ICI-type Pilling Tester [P-3A, P-6A, P-9A]
Reference standard:
Rubber tube・・・・・12pcs--P-3A
Rubber tube・・・・・24pcs--P-6A
Rubber tube・・・・・36pcs--P-9A
Plane Abrasion Tester [PA-2A]
Reference standard:
This apparatus is used for the evalution test of the surface
wear intensity of textile or nonwoven fabric and for the
friction duability on a film, a printing surface paintwork, and
the surface of material by which coating processing was
carried out.
Many are used for the wear strength examination of auto-
mobile sheet outer skin material.
Plane Abrasion Tester [PA-300A]
Reference standard:
This machine is equipment used for evaluation of the re-sistance over friction of various materials, such as a fiber,
a leather, and film.
Although the trial purpose is the same as form “type PA-2A”, friction distance and friction speed are changeable.
Gakushin-Type Rubbing Tester [RT-300]
Reference standard: JIS L-0849、L-1084、P-8136
This tester is the most commonly used type for deter-mining the color fastness to rubbing with textile industry
in japan.
By exchanging the optonal accessories, it can also be examined the durability over friction of a film or paintwork.
Random-Tumble Type Pilling Tester [RTP-2A]
Reference standard: JIS L 1076 ;JASO M 403 ;ASTM D3512 ;DIN 53867
Scott Type Crease-Flex Abrasion Tester [SCF-100, SCF-200]
Reference standard: JIS L-1096、K-6406-6
GB/T 8948-2008 standards
Seamed Line Fatigue Tester [TTD-100]
Reference standard:
Test Washer Apparatus(Washer Method) [WS-1SE]
Reference standard: JIS L 1096, JIS L 1018