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Accelerotor Type Abrasion Tester



Reference standard

JIS L 1096 Method-D, L 1076 Method-E;
AATCC 93-2005

Use/Good point

It is suitable for minor natural abrasion test of woven and knitted fabrics. Put the sample into the cylinder with inner friction papers and fan-shaped wing, rotating the cylinder. To estimate the abrasion resistance through the quality change of sample. Make out the loss percentage from the below formula.

Lm=(A-B)/A×100 Lm = Loss percentage ( % )
A = Quality before abrasion( g )
B = Quality after abrasion( g )


Flat-shape rotor
・・・・・1 pce
S-shape rotor
・・・・・1 pce
Gig fixing device
Stainless cylinder inner race
Operating instruction


Cylinder dimensionsφ140×70mm(inner)
Rotating speed~3300rpm
Display of rotating speedLED indicator (4-digit)
Time displayLED indicator (4-digit, ~99.59’h)
Power sourceAC 110/220V 50/60Hz
Dimensions(approx.)W440×D180×H360 mm