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Universal Textile Abrasion Tester



Reference standard

JIS L-1096、ASTM D3885、D3886、

Use/Good point

Accurate data of abrasion test of various materials, such as woven and knitted textiles, carpet, hosiery, felt paper, leather cloth, sheet and film, shall be obtained. By combining respective attachments, three types of test, of flat surface abrasion, bending abrasion and edge abrasion, may be executed.
・Method A-1 (Flat Surface Abrasion)
Abrasion a test specimen in varied directions with an abrasion paper, and count the number of abrasion times needed before the paper breaks the specimen.
・Method A-2 (Bending Abrasion)
Hold a specimen and attach it to the tester astride the flexing bar. Apply the tension and pressure load while giving reciprocating abrasions over the length of 2.5 ㎝. Count the number of abrasions needed before the specimen is broken.


Surface abrasion measuring instrument・・・・・1set
Bending abrasion measuring instrument・・・・・1set
Sedge abrasion measuring instrument・・・・・1set
Weight for pressure and tension・・・・・1set
Emery paper (P600,P800,P1000)・・・・・Each 20sheets
Rubber membrane for surface abrasion・・・・・1pc
Flexing bar for bending abrasion・・・・・1pc
Instrument box・・・・・1pc


Reciprocating friction stand distance25mm
Reciprocating friction stand speed125±5times/min
Air pressure2.76 Kpa=0.4psi
Power sourceAC100V 50/60Hz
DimensionsW300×D630×H560mm approx.