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Baking Test Apparatus



Use/Good point

As a heat treatment dryer of woven or knitted fabrics this device is used for curing, heat-set and thermosol treatment tests.
Hot air from the upper and lower nozzles blows on to the front and rear surfaces of the test specimens by the sirocco-fan, and it is circulated. The volumes of air from nozzles can be adjusted.
The drying chamber is provided with a double door. On the inner door are five small windows through which test specimens are taken in and out. It keeps the drop of temperature to the minimum that opening and closing of doors would otherwise cause.


Flame for test piece・・・ 5 pcs
Shelve・・・・・・・・・・ 2 pcs


Specimen sizeMax. 400×400㎜
Chamber dimensionsW550×D500×H550㎜
Heating systemElectric nichrome-wire heater
Heater capacity1kW×6pcs
TemperatureMax. 250℃
Temperature controlPID electric current control (Digital type)
Circulation fanSirocco fan (motor 200W)
Air volumes controlAdjust by shutter-plate
Power sourceAC100V 50/60Hz