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High-Pressure Type Water Resistance Tester



Reference standard

JIS L 1092、ISO 811、AATCC 127、GB/T 4744 standards

Use/Good point

This apparatus is most suitable for measuring the water resistance of waterproof processing cloths, rubber-lining cloths, filter made of nonwoven fabrics, leather, etc.
Two test methods of low water pressure and high water pressure specified in JIS are possible. The pressure cylinder incorporated in this apparatus is driven by program control, therefore wide range tests from low hydraulic pressure to high hydraulic pressure are possible.
Also test specimen can be easily mounted by pushing the right and left push-button as the hydraulic cylinder is employed.


Size of test piece15×15㎝ approx.
Max. increasing pressure980kPa (high pressure method) 1000㎝Aq (low pressure method)
Increasing pressure speed100kPa/min. (high pressure method) 10 and 60㎝Aq/min. (low pressure method)
Max. draining volume3.18㏄/sec.
Indication of test resultsby micro-printer kPa, ㎜Aq, kgf/㎝2, PSI (4 line print)
Power sourceAC100V 50/60Hz
DimensionsW750×D550×H720㎜ approx.
Weight90㎏ approx.