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Thickness Gauge


CR-10A, FS-60DS

Reference standard

JIS L 1096
ISO 5084
GB/T 3820

Use/Good point

This is an apparatus to measure the thickness of fiber cloth, film, rubber, soft urethane form. This tester has a complete assortment of the pressure-foot and weights to adapt the test-method in the JIS.
As CR-10A type is suitable for general textile and floor carpets mainly, FS-60DS type is suitable for pile fabric and knitted cloth.


※The apparatus is kept in the wooden case.


Measuring capacity (Standard-type)0~10㎜0~10㎜
Min. reading0.01㎜0.01㎜
Area of pressure (Standard-type)1cm2(φ:11.28±0.01mm)20㎝2(φ:50.5±0.01mm)
Measuring pressure1.96kPa (20gf/㎝2)、 3.92kPa (40gf/㎝2)、 23.5kPa (240gf/㎝2)0.3kPa (3gf/㎝2) 、 0.7kPa (7gf/㎝2) , 1.0kPa (10.2gf/㎝2)
Access. weight20g (for 3.92kPa)、 220g (for 23.5kPa)80g (for 0.7kPa), 144g (for 1.0kPa)
Dimensions (approx.)W120×D150×H200㎜W120×D150×H200㎜