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Mullen Type Bursting Strength Tester


ML-711(容量:4500KPa), ML-721(容量:2000KPa)

Reference standard

JIS L-1096、L-1018;ISO 13938-1、2758、2759、3303;
ASTM 3786;GB 7742 standards

Use/Good point

This apparatus is used to measure the textile, paper and other products’ resistance when broken by an external force at the same time from multi-angles, namely it is called the bursting strength.
When specimen fixed at the chuck is pressed up and broken by rubber diaphragm giving oil pressure, its resistance value is digitally displayed. Obtain the bursting strength (MPa) by the formula below,
The maximum strength is displayed at peak hold, yet it displays the rubber diaphragm pressure when the peak hold is removed.
Bursting strength (MPa) = A-B
Where, A = strength of rubber diaphragm to burst specimen (MPa)
B = strength of rubber diaphragm when clamp is removed (MPa)
*The unit between(kPa)and(kgf/cm²)can be exchange with button on the display。


Low pressure rubber diaphragm 10pcs
Glycerol 1set
Mounting tool 1set
Introduction manual 1copy


Test range50~7000KPa10~2000KPa
Test accuracyUnder ±0.5%(F.S.)Under ±0.5%(F.S.)
Min. display1KPa(0.01kgf/cm2)1KPa(0.01kgf/cm2)
Oil supply speed98±4 ml/min98±4 ml/min
Ring-shaped clampφ31.5±0.3 mmφ31.5±0.3 mm
Pressure3 front switches (pressure-stop-reduce)3 front switches (pressure-stop-reduce)
Safety sensorOver scale auto-stopOver scale auto-stop
Auto-checkAbnormal error indicationAbnormal error indication
Power supplyAC100V 50/60HzAC100V 50/60Hz
Outside dimensionW 260×D 560×H 470 mmW 260×D 560×H 470 mm