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Test Washer Apparatus(Washer Method)



Reference standard

JIS L 1096, JIS L 1018

Use/Good point

This apparatus is a cylinder type mashing machine, suitable for evaluation of dimensional and appearance changes such as shrinkage and/or ruck of textiles and knitwear by laundry.
This apparatus consists of an outer tank and a cavernous cylinder which rotates forward and reverse. Moreover, there are three 7.5cm high crossbars in the cylinder that assembled evenly 120° apart.
Washing test is, firstly inputting the control program, after putting into sample with detergent, you can automatically "feed", "warm", "wash" and "flush" etc.
WS-1SE type, applies both electric and steam heating methods, and there is an ON-OFF manual steam switch. Water supply and drainage is manually maneuvered. "feed", "wash", "drain", "flush" and "rinse" etc. are independently operated.


Operation modeManual
Heating methodElectric and steam
Heater capacity2KW
Temp. regulatorDigital
Feed water quantityWater gauge
TimerDigital preset timer (built-in timer for rinse time)
Cylinder speed37 times/min. (forward 15 sec. stop 3 sec. and reverse 15sec.)
Test bath dimensionW800×D570×H570mm approx.
Cylinder dimensionφ470×600(W)mm
Outside dimensionW1400×D700×H830mm, piping with 20mm higher
Valve caliber sizeFeed-1B, Drain-2B, Steam-3/4B
Power sourceThree-phase 200V