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Dry Cleaning Tester


DC-1A, DC-2A

Reference standard

JIS L 1018、JIS L 1089 、JIS L 1091standards

Use/Good point

Mainly it is an appraisal testing machine for the dimension variation of fabrics production. It employs the “Wash Cylinder Method”.
The tester is equipped with the stainless steel pot at an angle of 45℃. Put the specimen and the washing test solution into the pot, to turn the rotating shaft at a certain speed under the preset time.
Moreover, according to the Japan Firefighting Law, the tester is also a wash resistance device for fire resistance of fireproof production.


Pot number1pc2pcs
Pot dimensionφ220×H330㎜φ220×H330㎜
Pot materialStainless steel SUS-304Stainless steel SUS-304
Cover packingSilicon plat packingSilicon plat packing
Rotating speed40~70rpm/min(changed by inverter)40~70rpm/min(changed by inverter)
Test timeDigital timer(99h59min)Digital timer(99h59min)
Power sourceAC100V、AC200V、AC220V 50/60HzAC100V、AC200V、AC220V 50/60Hz
Outside dimensionW840×D620×H750㎜W1300×D620×H1000㎜