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Automatic Repeat Washing System【end of manufacture】



Use/Good point

Wash repeatedly by custom family washer to determination of textiles, such as [Fastness test], [Appearance retention test], [Quality deterioration test], [Rough sewing test], [Shrinkage test], [Wipe off test] etc.
Automatically start with putting into the washing soap, washing, rinsing, flushing and dewatering, it stops until preset time.
The wash procedure is following:

[Soap measure]→[Drain]→[Dewater]→[Heat water
Wash program Rinse•Flush program
supply•Soap input]→( [Wash] )→( [Drain]→[Dewater]→[Water supply]→[Rinse]→[Drain]→[Dewater]→
Dewater program
[Water supply]→[Flush]→[Drain] )→( [Dewater] )

※The rinsing and flushing time can be changed.


Washing Soap Measuring range~89g
Washing Soap Measuring wayLoad cell
Washing Soap DeliverySpiral method
Washing Soap InputFreefall by Water
Tank capacity70L approx.
HeaterElectric heated pipe
Heater capacity2KW×3
Water temperature controlThermal regulator
Water supplyPipe water
Water temperatureSame as pipe water
Measuring modeFlow sensor
DisplayLED indication(4-digit)
Power sourceAC100V 50/60Hz