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Taber Type Abrasion Tester



Reference standard

JIS L 1096, K 6902, K 7204, K 7331
ASTM D3884-01
ISO 5470-1

Use/Good point

It is available to make two friction bowl rub with sample on the sample holder and measure the sample weight(g)and thickness decrement(%)after rubbing with each other certain times and then appraise the friction resistance.
The tester is so designed as to change the friction bowl so that it may carry out the loss and endurance tests for paint, coatings, resin coating, plastic and wood etc.


Suction machine・・・・・1set
Load weight・・・・・・・1set
Sample holder・・・・・・1set
Friction bowl・・・・・・・1 set each other
Introduction manual・・・・1copy


Sample dimensionφ13cm
Rotary speed70times/min.
Testing load2.45N (250g)、4.90N (500g)、 9.81N (1000g) - exchange the load to control
CounterLCD preset(6-digit)
Power sourceAC100V 50/60Hz
Outside dimensionApprox. W410×D340×H350mm