PRODUCTSTearing, Bursting Strength, Tensile Strength

Elmendorf’s Tearing Tester [DA-3200, DA-6400]
Reference standard: JIS L1096
ISO 9292, ISO 13937
ASTM D-1424
GB/T 3917、1
Elmendorf’s Tearing Tester (for Sheet Film) [DAU-250]
Reference standard:
Elmendorf’s Tearing Tester [DAU-6400]
Reference standard: JIS L-1096、JIS K-7128-2、JIS P-8116、ISO-13937、ASTM-D1424
Elmendorf’s Tearing Tester [DS-3200, DS-6400]
Reference standard: JIS L 1096 ;ISO 9292、ISO 13937;ASTM D1424 standards
Fixed Load Elongation Test Apparatus [FLM-3M(3連), FLM-6M(6連)]
Reference standard:
Bursting Strength Tester (Hydraulic method) [HB-1000K]
Reference standard:
Mullen Type Bursting Strength Tester [ML-100KG-PD]
Reference standard: JIS L-1096、1018;ISO 13938-1、2758、2759、3303;
ASTM 3786;GB 7742 standards
Mullen Type Bursting Strength Tester [ML-711(容量:4500KPa), ML-721(容量:2000KPa)]
Reference standard: JIS L-1096、L-1018;ISO 13938-1、2758、2759、3303;
ASTM 3786;GB 7742 standards
Tensile Tester for Staple Fiber ( Double-type) [NSF-200]
Reference standard: JIS L-1015
ISO 5079
This tensile testing machine is designed for the purpose
of measuring the breaking strength and elongation of individual man-made staple fibres.
Since the driving shaft of two right and left is made to drive by turns and measurement is continuously possible, it is very efficient.
Single Yarn Breaking Strength Tester [YS-200]
Reference standard: